[Paper] Macedonia and Kosovo should treat air pollution as a national security threat

Title of the paper: ‘Macedonia and Kosovo should treat their air pollution as a national security threat’

Authors of the paper: Lazar Pop Ivanov, Mirchevska Marija

Paper presented at the Political science panel of the 7th international conference at UBT in Kosovo

Read the paper by clicking on the image bellow:
















  1. […] Ако загадувањето се класифицира како прашање од национална безбедност, тогаш ќе мора да се преземат мерки за итно справување со проблемот со загадувањето, порачуват од Член 1 – Институтот за глобална политика и право. […]


  2. […] This article is written by Lazar Pop Ivanov and Marija Mirchevska. Pop Ivanov holds an MA  in International Relations from King’s College London and an LLM from the Faculty of Law in Skopje. Mirchevska holds an MS in Global Crime, Justice and Security from the University of Edinburgh. The article was originally published as a paper on Article 1. […]


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