Dear #Article1 community, we are happy to share with you the [beta version] of our new website www.diplomacy.mk. The assumption behind this website is that more people will get interested about our foreign policy if they can have easier access to some of the data pertaining to our FP choices as a country.

The key ideas behind this website and what are we trying to accomplish are:

📍 We are trying to visualize some key aspects of the Macedonian foreign policy, based on publicly available information and hopefully to get more people interested in the topic and engaged in the processes.

🌐 We hope that we can further build on the existing maps and visuals with new and informative data for the public.

This is a beta version of the website, so any bug you might find, inconsistency, data that we have missed, or any idea you might have on how to improve it, please do send us an email on contact@diplomacy.mk

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