Legality of the April 2018 Syria strikes [suggested readings] [EN/MK]

A summary of latest posts discussing the (il)legality of the recent attacks on Syria, conducted by US, UK and France (though some refer to the 2017 attacks which happened under similar circumstances)

[MK] Листа на објави во кои се дискутира (не)легалноста на скорешните вооружени напади на Сирија, од страна на САД, Велика Британија и Франција (некои од постовите се однесуваат на нападите од 2017, кои се случуваат под слични околности)


Authors trying to provide legal justification// Автори кои нудат аргументација за правна оправданост на нападите:


Monika Hakimi: The Attack on Syria and the Contemporary Jus ad Bellum


(On 2017 strikes) Harold Hongju Koh: Not Illegal: But Now the Hard Part Begins

Harold Hongju Koh: The Real “Red Line” Behind Trump’s April 2018 Syria Strikes


(On 2017 strikes) Jens David Ohlin: I agree with Harold Koh


(On 2017 strikes) Julian Ku: Almost Everyone Agrees that the U.S. Strikes Against Syria are Illegal, Except for Most Governments




Syria action – UK government legal position


Authors arguing against the lawfulness of the attacks//Автори кои тврдат дека нападите не се во согласност со правото:


Mary Ellen O’Connell: Unlawful Reprisals to the Rescue against Chemical Attacks?


Marko Milanovic: The Syria Strikes: Still Clearly Illegal


Kevin Jon Heller: The Coming Attack on Syria Will Be Unlawful


Jack Goldsmith, Oona Hathaway: Bad Legal Arguments for the Syria Airstrikes


Jack Goldsmith, Oona Hathaway: The Downsides of Bombing Syria Summary of states’ positions


World reacts to overnight strikes on Syria by US, UK and French forces

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